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Top (l-r) Gilbert Escalante, David Bernstein, Rachel Bernstein, Mary Fagan, Glenn Mariano, Allan Michael.
Center (l-r) Monique Michael, Mugga, John Kim, Arnold Perey, Zvia Ratz, Zishun Ning.
Bottom (l-r) Onilaja Waters, Jaime Torres, Eve Lustig, Steve Weiner, Miriam Weiss, Jeffrey Williams.

Mission Statement
Alliance of Ethics & Art (AEA) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational corporation. Our mission is to educate the public about racism and other societal injustices, and to offer solutions based on Aesthetic Realism, the philosophy founded by the great educator and critic Eli Siegel.

     AEA supports projects by artists in various media including drama, music, photography, video, dance, literature, and architectural models — that encourage greater understanding, respect, and justice between people of all races, backgrounds, and economic circumstances.

     Our projects are informed by principles of Aesthetic Realism stated by Eli Siegel, which explain the cause of racism and every injustice: contempt, the "disposition in every person to think we will be for ourselves by making less of the outside world." —And the answer: the way to see another person's feeling as real and as deep as our own is in this principle: "All beauty is a making one of opposites and the making one of opposites is what we are going after in ourselves."

     Projects include books, an oral history/ documentary on the struggle for civil rights, public events explaining the cause and answer to racism, and workshops by educators on how education can succeed for every child in America.

     AEA collaborates with schools, libraries, museums, universities, historical societies, and community organizations in programs and events for audiences of all ages. We are grateful for support from individuals, businesses, and corporations, and for grants from Verizon Foundation and others.

     AEA is proud that our director, Alice Bernstein, was awarded this certificate by Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz.

Brooklyn Borough President's citation to AEA

About this project, State Representative Tyrone Brooks of Georgia writes "I am grateful for what Alice Bernstein is doing to preserve our history and bring it to the forefront so that it captures the attention of young people."

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