Sorrow and Hope — From the Director
As I begin this update, I want to express my deep sorrow about the horrific June massacre of nine men and women at the historic Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. And I also want to express the Alliance's unbreakable resolve to inform America about Aesthetic Realism, the education founded by the great philosopher Eli Siegel that enables the source of racism to be understood at last, and to END!
Mother Emanuel AME Church by DMB
Emanuel AME Church, Charleston, 2005. Photos by David M Bernstein.
In 2005, photographer / videographer David Bernstein and I had the honor to be in the beloved Mother Emanuel Church which has been in the forefront of the struggle for equality and justice for 200 years. We were there to document the history of the 1965 Edisto 13 desegregation lawsuit, which was then celebrating its 40th anniversary — for the oral history project "The Force of Ethics in Civil Rights."
                  AB interviewing Ike Williams at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston

Alice Bernstein interviewing Ike Williams, Emanuel AME Church, Charleston, 2005.

Our conviction that racism can end is the subject of two books: The People of Clarendon County — A Play by Ossie Davis & the Education That Can End Racism and Aesthetic Realism and the Answer to Racism, written by diverse men and women, each telling what we have learned from Aesthetic Realism that enabled us to change an unjust way of seeing people different from ourselves to true respect and kindness.
        And a link to one of my earliest articles on this urgent subject, quotes from a commentary by Ellen Reiss in The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known. As she explains the moment-to-moment fight between respect and contempt in all humanity, she makes clear how choices for contempt in a representative girl named Heather, lead to her becoming a racist as a teenager. I know of nothing more important or hopeful than Aesthetic Realism's understanding of the cause and answer to racism. Please find out why I say this!

Rosenwald Schools
benefitted many

       Interviews with people who taught at or attended Rosenwald Schools Rev Eskewinclude many distinguished people. There is Rev. Dr. Elaine Eskew, Lexington-Rosenwald High School, Lexington, SC, shown right, who is pastor of Shiloh AME Church in Prosperity, SC.
        I've also interviewed Rev. John C. Scott (below), now of Harlem, who was born in rural North Carolina and attended Quankey Elementary and McDaniel-Rosenwald School in Enfield, NC; (continues, col. 2) Rev ScottFrances Hooks and Evelyn Kendall Burrell
             Photo by David M. Bernstein (l); family photo (r)